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here’s the map! https://map.r9y.dev/beck/map.html

and the docs: https://map.r9y.dev/docs/

see something you want to fix? want to contribute?:

not sure what to do? write an issue or come chat with us!

Local Development

Want to run this locally? You’ll need to run the following commands:

bundle install
bash topics-to-index.sh
cd docs
bundle exec jekyll s --livereload -w

Now visit http://localhost:4000/ in a browser. When you make a change to a file, the browser should automatically reload that page!

Making changes to the index

If you want to update the index page, you’ll need to add your new topic to topics.txt and then run bash topics-to-index.sh. This will regenerate the index file and you should see your link in the list.