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Data versioning

Data Versioning

Data Versioning Tools and Products:

1. Git:

2. Apache HBase:

3. Amazon DynamoDB:

4. Versionista:

5. Apache Kafka:

Related Terms to Data Versioning:

1. Data Lineage:

2. Data Provenance:

3. Data Auditing:

4. Data Replication:

5. Data Archiving:


Before you can implement data versioning, you need to have the following in place:

1. Clear Data Governance Policies:

2. Data Versioning System:

3. Data Modeling and Design:

4. Data Versioning Process:

5. Data Versioning Tools:

What’s next?

After you have implemented data versioning, you can use it to improve your data management and analytics processes in a number of ways:

1. Data Recovery:

2. Data Auditing:

3. Data Lineage:

4. Data Analytics:

5. Data Governance: