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Gold Image Automation

Gold Image Automation


Gold Image Automation is the process of creating and managing a standardized, pre-configured operating system image that can be used to quickly and consistently provision new servers or virtual machines. This image serves as a golden standard or baseline from which all other instances are derived.


Key Steps in Gold Image Automation:

  1. Base Image Selection: Choose a base operating system image that meets the organization’s requirements and security standards.
  2. Software Installation and Configuration: Install and configure essential software packages, applications, and system settings on the base image.
  3. Security Hardening: Apply security best practices and hardening techniques to enhance the security of the gold image.
  4. Image Capture and Storage: Capture the configured image and store it in a secure and accessible location.
  5. Image Deployment: Deploy the gold image to new servers or VMs using automated provisioning tools.

Tools for Gold Image Automation:

Best Practices for Gold Image Automation:

Additional Resources:

Here are some tools and products that can help with Gold Image Automation:

1. Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM):

2. VMware vCenter Server:

3. Red Hat Satellite:

4. Ansible:

5. Packer:

6. Clonezilla:

These tools and resources can help organizations automate and streamline the process of creating, managing, and deploying gold images, resulting in improved efficiency and consistency in server and VM provisioning.

Here are some related terms to Gold Image Automation:

These related terms provide a broader context for understanding Gold Image Automation and its role in IT operations and infrastructure management.


Before implementing Gold Image Automation, it is essential to have certain prerequisites in place to ensure a successful and effective process:

By having these prerequisites in place, organizations can effectively implement Gold Image Automation, reducing the time and effort required for server and VM provisioning, improving consistency and security, and streamlining IT operations.

What’s next?

After implementing Gold Image Automation, organizations can focus on continuous improvement and optimization to further enhance their IT operations and infrastructure management:

By focusing on these aspects, organizations can maximize the benefits of Gold Image Automation, driving continuous improvement in IT operations, infrastructure agility, and overall efficiency.