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L7 Global LB

L7 Global LB (Layer 7 Global Load Balancer):


An L7 Global LB is a load balancer that operates at the application layer (Layer 7) and distributes traffic across multiple data centers or regions. L7 Global LBs are typically used to provide high availability and scalability for web applications and services. They can also be used to implement advanced load balancing algorithms and features, such as content-based routing, SSL termination, and application health checks.


Benefits of using an L7 Global LB:

Use cases for L7 Global LBs:

Tools and Products for L7 Global LB:

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Prerequisites for L7 Global LB:

Additional Considerations:

Before implementing L7 Global LB, it is important to carefully consider the following:

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What’s next?

After implementing L7 Global LB, the next steps typically involve:

Additionally, you may also want to consider the following:

By following these steps, you can ensure that your L7 Global LB is operating at peak performance and is secure and reliable.